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Born in Brazil.

I write a diary about my journey to financial independence and share it with you. I really like the subject of personal finance, financial markets, philosophy, human behavior, education and personal growth.

As a global investor, I am making my portfolio buying stocks, REITs, bonds in Brazil and the rest of the world. The considerations, analyzes, and results will always be discussed here in the blog, in addition to a complete analysis of financial assets, I also make reviews of books and other materials related to the topic.

The objective is to be able to accumulate equity as quickly as possible, working, studying, saving and investing in valuable assets in order to live off of dividends and the valuation of equity. Thanks to the compound interest and tireless work aiming to achieve this result, we will have the chance to reach this stage in the not too distant future.

I believe that all people have the power within them to improve themselves, to educate themselves better, to learn new things, to evolve, to save money, to invest and prepare for a better future, full of achievements, peace, greatness, health and tranquility. All the masters once were apprentices, a long journey begins with a first step.

My personal investment journey began after I graduated from college. Since then I have read more than 50 books on the subject, I have taken online and on-line courses on stock exchanges, financial markets, and personal finances. I have been on the stock exchange in Brazil since 2013. I also participate in forums on the internet, read and comment actively on other personal finance blogs in Brazil and abroad and I intend to help strengthen the community involved in the subject.

My investment philosophy is based on the buy and hold of value assets. I do not operate derivatives and do not believe in technical analysis as a tool for creating lasting wealth in the long run, I do not do day-trade operations. I currently own more than 40 financial assets in Brazil and abroad.

I hope to contribute to the world here in this space divulging my philosophy of life, investments, career and passing a positive message that it is possible for all a better life.

Thanks for being here.

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